Today has seen the inauguration of two water bottle re-fill points installed by AquaGib Ltd, giving the public free access to tap water.

During this year’s Gibraltar Island Games, AquaGib Ltd installed ten water bottle re-fill points across the different sporting venues, in Gibraltar, aiming to promote a healthy lifestyle and a sustainable water supply. These re-fill points proved to be extremely popular with athletes and the general public alike, both using their own bottles to refill with fresh tap water.

Following the success of these re-fill points, AquaGib Ltd, with the support of the Minister of the Environment, will be installing two of these re-fill points in town; one at Casemates (outside the Police Station) and one at the Piazza (by the kiosk opposite Matalan).

One of AquaGib’s key social responsibility objectives, is its commitment to protect our natural environment. We do this by promoting and raising awareness and by encouraging the use of a sustainable water supply throughout our community. Through the installation and provision of these re-fill points, we are edging a step closer in achieving our objectives.

Paul Singleton, AquaGib Managing Director, commented, “It is great to see our investment in these re-fill points being supported in multiple ways by our community, as we strive to raise awareness of the damage caused by single use plastics.”

Minister for Environment and Climate Change John Cortes, who is Chair of AquaGib, commented, “The move away from plastic is being embraced by all and being encouraged both by Government and by AquaGib. Gibraltar has invested in producing its very own water from the seas around us, and this will now be accessible in public areas for all to use. I am sure that this initiative will be a success and that we will see permanent water points proliferating around Gibraltar.”

Over the next couple of months, the popularity of these re-fill points will be monitored through their use by the general public and if they prove effective then they will be replaced by permanent purpose-built re-fill/drinking fountains, like those found in other European cities. These permanent fountains will not only provide facilities for the general public to re-fill their re-usable bottles but will also have drinking fountains catering for adults, children and the disabled. AquaGib therefore encourages everyone to make use of these re-fill points and help work towards a sustainable water supply.

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