We're excited to announce the installation of new, state-of-the-art Hearing Loops (Assistive Listening Systems). Our new Hearing Loops will provide hearing-impaired customers with the clearest, cleanest sound available, thanks to the latest in Assistive Listening Technology.

A Hearing Loop system directly transmits the voices of our Customer Service Representatives into the hearing aid, cochlear implant, or headphones of a customer member.

Customers suffering from hearing loss or hearing difficulties will now enjoy easy access to a better communication experience. The new Hearing Loops offer our customers enhanced interactions with our Customer Services Representatives, improving the overall quality of the experience.

To make use of this facility, please ensure hearing aids are switched to the T-Coil position when entering our premises, so that you can enjoy better communication.


AquaGib thanks OIGA+ HEARING CENTRE LTD for their professionalism and support during installation.