Love Your Drain Campaign 

In conjunction with HMGOG’s, Technical Services Department, Housing Department, Housing Works Agency, the Environmental Agency and Northumbrian Water (the majority shareholder of AquaGib Ltd), we have launched the “Love Your Drain” campaign. Our campaign objective, is to make the public aware of the damage and blockages caused to the sewerage system by flushing items like wipes, nappies, cotton buds and kitchen grease down the toilet or sink. Northumbrian Water, through its links with AquaGib, has provided technical and promotional material to the campaign committee, given that they are undertaking a similar campaign in the North East of England.

We would like to thank the following Northumbrian Water Group personnel for their great support:

James King, AquaGib Ltd board Director representing Northumbrian Water
Jennie Collingwood, Northumbrian Water Group, Marketing Manager
Sam Lincoln, Northumbrian Water Group, Marketing Executive

Remember our campaign slogan.

“So, if it’s not toilet paper, pee or poo, don’t flush it down the loo!”
— Dwaine Pipe