Due to a major fault on the Ministry of Defence’s Potable Water Pumping System supplying the Upper Rock, the water supply to AquaGib customers has been affected in the following areas:

Humphrey’s Bungalows, Mount Alvernia, St Bernard’s Road, The Mount, Upper Tier Short Horn Estate, Loreto Convent, Jew’s Gate, Retreat Centre, Bleak House,

Bleak House, St Christopher’s School, Lathbury Industrial Park, Lathbury Retreat Centre, Powers Drive, Refuse Incinerator, Governor’s cottage Industrial Park,

The Crematorium, Gibraltar Support Services, Clay Pigeon Shooting Club, The Refuse Tip, Monkey’s Cave & Gorham’s Cave. 

The interruption period has been specified until midday Saturday 3rd March 2018. An update will be posted as soon as this information is made available.

During this interruption period it is possible that additional area’s become affected given the limited holding capacity of their storage reservoirs, these have been identified as follows:

Middle Hill , Cable Car Station, O Hara’s Battery, St Michael’s Cave and St Michael’s Cabin.

AquaGib regrets the inconvenience caused to our customers following this MOD water network incident.

AquaGib committed to your life source.

NB: Please note that the 24 hours fault report number is 20073659.