Salt water supplies to customers in the areas detailed below have been disconnected following emergency works and are expected to be reconnected as from 00:00am on 19 March 2019 to the following areas:

Lathbury Barracks Industrial Park, HM Prison, Windmill Hill Road, Sunset Close, Top of Naval Hospital Hill, Europa Road south of Mount Road, Mount Road, Highcliffe and The Cliftons, Lathbury Barracks Stone Block, Lathbury Parade Ground, Fosse Way Tunnel, Port Authority Building, Europa Road (south from Brympton), The Aloes, Mount Road, Suffolk and Surrey House, John Snow House, Lancashire House, Top of Naval Hospital Hill, The Cliftons, Highcliffe, Sunset Close, Clifftop House, Brympton Estate Victoria Tower, Lathbury, Lathbury Barracks, Buena Vista Road, Buena Vista Estate, Buena Vista Villas, Buena Vista Hostel, Straits Views, Europa Pass, Genista House, St Bernards Church & Parish House, Europa Mews, Europa View Terraces, 59 Europa Road, Europa Pass Battery, 63 Europa Road Married Quarters, 71 Europa Road and Elliot's Battery.

AquaGib apologises for any inconvenience caused, however, these works are necessary to ensure that we continue to provide our customers with the best possible service.

AquaGib committed to your life source.

NB: Please note that the 24 hours fault report number is 20073659.