AquaGib is very aware of the impact we have on the environment

not only as a company,
but as individuals

Working with water makes our concern for the environment even greater. Water is essential to life on this planet. We appreciate the need to look after our immediate surroundings, knowing that a failure to do so here will not only have a negative effect on Gibraltar, but also the sea around us (which we depend on for both our Potable and Salt Water supplies) and the world at large.

We hope that by making small changes at home,
we all can make big changes to our world

Providing a healthy water source
for the community is our main priority

However, in order to continue providing clean and healthy water, we also need to consider how to maintain a sustainable and environmentally friendly supply. This is why we have provided our customers with useful information regarding our commitment to providing a reliable source of clean water as well as hints and tips to help minimise our impact on the environment through our water usage and wastage.