Conserving the planet and limiting our impact on the environment is a cause very close to our hearts here at AquaGib - after all, we work with water, life’s most basic necessity!

So, as well as providing our customers with clean, safe water to drink, enabling you to continue enjoying a healthy life, we have also drawn up a list of hints and tips to help you conserve the water we all depend on. Not only that, but following these hints and tips can have the added benefit of reducing your bills whilst doing your bit to help the environment! Who would have thought that thinking green could be so cost effective?

Zack & Benny - Water Saving Tips

Zack, Benny & Chloe - Water Saving Tips

The less salt water we need
to pump to our customers’ toilets

less electricity
we need to use

less fuel consumed in doing so

In order to minimise the impact we have on the
environment why not try some of these simple tips
on how to limit your salt water usage?

In order to minimise the impact we have on the environment why not try some of these simple tips on how to limit your salt water usage?


Install a dual-flush toilet

This will allow you to use shorter flushes for liquids and longer flushes for everything else, effectively limiting the amount of water you use each time you visit the loo.


Place a heavy object or
container in your toilet cistern

If you insert a bottle full of water in the cistern you will displace volume which would otherwise be occupied by more water. So, by filling the tank with a solid object you are limiting the amount of water inside and therefore restricting the amount of water used with every flush.

The importance of looking after our environment
cannot be overstated. However, it is also important
to look after the pennies!

Read through the hints and tips below to see if there is anything that you could be doing to
help reduce your monthly bill and care for the environment.


Showers are better than baths

Even though having a bath may be relaxing and cosy, it generates excessive waste water. A shower, with a conventional shower head (not a power shower) uses around two-thirds less water than a bath. Also consider this; showers rinse dirt off you, baths let you sit in it.


Don't use more water than you
require when boiling a kettle

It is unnecessary to completely fill a kettle if you are only making one or two hot drinks. Just add enough water for you to use for your cuppa’ and you’ll be saving on water and prolonging the life of your kettle – double savings!


Don’t leave the tap running
whilst you brush your teeth

Although it may sound glaringly obvious, a running tap uses more water than is necessary. Switch it off whilst you brush and only turn it on when you need to wash or rinse.


Shut off or fix drippin

That is water and money literally dripping down the drain before your eyes. Close it tight, or if it needs a new washer, fix it.


Make sure you use the washing machine or dishwasher with a full load

Not only will you get more washing done in one go, but you will also save on water and energy! Also, remember that half-load programmes use more than half the water of a full load. If you run out of dishes and cutlery it will be cheaper and better for the environment in the long run if you buy more than if you use the washer more regularly.

Report burst Mains
immediately to AquaGib

We will make sure the that problem is fixed as soon as possible