This page will allow you to pay your Electricity and Water bill online using your Credit or Debit Card. We accept VISA, Mastercard, Eurocard, Delta, Switch and Solo cards.

The steps to follow in order to make your payment are as follows:

Check that the details below are correct.

  1. If any of the details below are incorrect then please contact us on Tel: 200 41288 so we can correct your details. Do not proceed with this form – simply close this window or click on Cancel Payment…
  2. If all the details below are correct then please click on the button marked ‘Continue with Payment…’ to proceed. Clicking on the ‘Continue with Payment…’ button will take you to our WorldPay site where you will be able to enter your Credit or Debit Card details securely.

Once you have completed your payment you will receive an e-mail from WorldPay confirming the transaction, and this e-mail is your receipt. The payment will also be shown as a credit on your next AquaGib bill.

Dear Customer,

The amount showing below is that of the bill which you have just clicked on. This is not the total balance of the account – if you are in arrears.

Should you wish to pay a different amount, you may do so by changing the ’Amount to Pay’ box below.

If you do so, please send us an email at advising us on how you would like this amount allocated to your outstanding bills.

Your Name:
Account Number:
Bill Amount: £
Amount To Pay: