Frequently Asked Questions

In a perfect world everything would run smoothly all of the time. Unfortunately, there are forces at work in our Universe that have other ideas. Friction, gravity, corrosion, ageing; in some way or another they will eventually do something unexpected, we have come up with some answers to some frequently asked questions regarding your local water supply.

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How do I apply for Salt Water Supply? . . .

In order to set up your salt water supply you will need to download the application form (here) or request it from our Customer Service Offices at:

Suite 10b
Leanse Place
50 Town Range

The form should be be signed and returned to us at the above address. If the form is completed under a company name, the company stamp will need to accompany the signature on the form.
A refundable deposit may be required.

Full information here

How do I apply for Potable Water Supply? . . .

There are three different types of Application form incorporating the Consumer Services Agreement and the General Conditions and Regulations for the supply of potable water.

1 Main Meter application: For new buildings / estate management.
2 Normal Meter application: This is the standard application that most customers will need.
3 Sub-Meter application: This form only applies to the residents in the following areas -.

Full information here

How can I pay my bills? . . .

AquaGib Ltd’s Utility Bill Payment Options as from 31st March 2015:

1 Payment at our counters via Cash, Cheque or Credit/Debit Cards.
2 Payment by Direct Debit.
3 Payment online via email billing.
4 Payment via Bank Transfer to AquaGib Ltd’s Bank account.
Bank Account available on request via email to or via telephone on +350 20041288 Ext. 1.

In order to improve the payment options available to AquaGib Ltd customers for effecting payment remotely, we are pleased to announce we will now be introducing a further payment option.

AquaGib Ltd’s New Payment Option:

5 Payment over the phone via Credit/Debit Cards, calling +350 20041288 Ext 1.

As you can see, we will continue to offer a wide range of payment options to our Customers.
In the mean time, should you need any further clarification on the above matter, or wish to receive any further information on any of the other payment facilities, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service Department via email at or via telephone on +350 20041288 Ext. 1.

How do I apply for a Direct Debit? . . .

In order to set up a Direct Debit Mandate you will need to download the application form (here) or request it from our Customer Service Offices at:

Suite 10b
Leanse Place
50 Town Range

The form should be be signed and returned to us at the above address. If the form is completed under a company name, the company stamp will need to accompany the signature on the form.

How do I apply to receive bill by email? . . .

AquaGib is always trying to provide our customers with innovative and helpful services that reduce our impact on the environment, and paperless billing is the latest step towards a greener, sustainable approach to our services. If you wish to set up this service you can simply send us a request via this (link) or you can always fill in a form at our Customer Service Offices at:

Suite 10b
Leanse Place
50 Town Range

Please note, if you apply for this service you will no longer receive your hardcopy bill via standard post.

How to pay an email bill? . . .

AquaGib’s email bills contain a clickable link under the aged debtor section that allows you to pay that particular bill online via our online payments provider World Pay. To date, AquaGib does not currently offer an online accounts management system.

Alternatively, you can also print off the email, or take note of your account number and payment amount and pay it via any of our other payments methods listed above.

My water bill seems high? . . .

When water bills are higher than normal this is usually due to a change in consumption patterns. These can be caused by:

Carrying out building work or redecorating your property.
Having problems with dripping taps or overflows.
Having more people in the property.
Using your washing machine more regularly.
Replacing your shower with a power shower.
Changing the size of your boiler.

I have spotted a water leak, how do I report it? . . .

In all instances, AquaGib can provide you with your meter number and assistance in closing the meter. To do this, please call us on 200 73659.

If the leak is before the meter or you are unsure of its location, or if you just happen to see water flowing in the streets, please do not hesitate to call us on 200 73659.

If the leak is in your house and you are a Government Tenant either call 20050129 or 200 63915.

If you are a private tenant, call your landlord in the first instance.

If you are a homeowner, call your management company or a private plumber.

My water tastes out of the ordinary, has an odd colour or smell, what should I do? . . .

The potable water as supplied by us, complies fully with the provisions of the Gibraltar Public Health Ordinance, which incorporates the latest EU directive 98/83/EC, regulating the quality of water to be used for dietetic purposes.

We operate a system of analytical quality control that monitors the quality of the potable water at different stages in the water production and supply process and include samples from customer’s taps. The frequency of our analysis exceeds the minimum frequency required under the EU directive. The analysis is undertaken at our laboratory in Gibraltar up to the check monitoring requirements, whilst the audit monitoring is undertaken in the United Kingdom, by AES Analytical and Environmental Service.

We always advise our customers to Call our Analysis Department on 200 77017 where we will be happy to assist, and usually arrange a site visit for a sample to be taken. Customers will be advised of the results of the tests undertaken.

I seem to have lost water pressure, why is this? . . .

Turning on the tap to find no water or lower pressure than normal can be worrying. If your water pressure drops it could be the result of work being carried out by AquaGib in your area, work being carried out by someone else in your building, problems with your home plumbing or a burst pipe or leak in the area.

AquaGib will always try to provide customers with advance warning of all planned work, but this is not always possible in an emergency, (e.g. when we are repairing a burst water main). In the first instance, please check our interruptions notices. If no works are scheduled for your area check with your management company or landlord if they are doing any works.

If you require further assistance or information you can always call our 24/7 number on 200 73659.

Is there a charge for meter installations? . . .

If your property is already fitted with a meter there is a £30 administration fee for connecting your property to the mains water supply. If, however, your property has no meter, or a new installation is required, then a site visit will be required to ascertain the appropriate value.

A refundable deposit amount will be required upon application. For a normal household, if registered under a personal name, a deposit of £25 will be required. If the property is registered under a Company name, a £100 deposit is applicable. For any other type of premises, please contact us for information on the different available rates.

How to check/read your meter . . .

When reading your water meter, you only need to record all the black numbers and the first red number. Depending on the type of meter, it may have four or five black numbers. No matter what type of meter you have installed, you should always read to the first red number.

The black numbers on the meter show the amount of cubic metres of water you have used. The red numbers record tenths and hundredths of a cubic metre.

Our per unit price is based on every 100 litres consumed.

All meters are read by our meter readers but there can be instances that meters which are inside properties are not read since when the meter reader does the site visit there is no one available to grant us access inside the premises. For this reason we offer our customers the opportunity to send us the meter reading.

What is the hardness of the potable water supplied by AquaGib ? . . .

Potable water in Gibraltar is classified as "Slightly Hard".

See the attached PDF file for a comparison chart of our Water Hardness.

Water Hardness PDF