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As Gibraltar’s utility supplier of Potable and Salt Water, AquaGib takes great pride in the service we provide our customers. We are your friendly, professional and approachable utility company, striving to ensure your satisfaction and meet all your water-related needs.

Our website focuses on you, the customer. It is the latest in a long line of improvements we have undergone, always with our customers in mind. AquaGib is now more accessible than ever, with all the information you might need right here under one roof.

We have gathered all our applications together in a downloadable format to make life easier for you; our tariffs are now clearly displayed and broken down on a page of their own; your bill is broken down and explained; and, in case you are interested, the history of water production, storage and supply has been documented here, charting the meandering path of water from the Moorish Period to Modern Day.

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Water quality is checked at every stage on its journey to your taps.

The water is checked at our water desalination plants, it is again checked when it reaches our storage reservoirs located within the rock at the Waterworks. It is checked again before it is supplied into our service reservoirs (from where supplies are continually provided to customers taps).

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Customer service is our top priority.

A 24 hour service is provided to deal with cases of supply failure and emergencies. Reports should be made on Tel No 20073659 which is manned around the clock.

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